Unlimited Membership

24/7 Access + Class Workouts

The value of this membership is for those who want 24/7 access to the gym with the flexibility to join group classes when their schedule allows.

Monthly Investment:



Military & First Responders

Unlimited access for those who serve our communities

To say thank you to those who serve our country and our community we offer a discounted rate for the unlimited membership access.

Discounted Monthly Investment:



3-Day Membership

For those who want gym access that fits their exercise schedule

Do you know you will only work out 3 days a week? There's a membership for you. You get access to the gym whenever you need at the limit of 3 days per week.

Monthly Investment:



Open Gym

24/7 access to the gym

The value of this membership is for those who want 24/7 access to the gym, but don't want to participate in the group classes.

Monthly Investment:



Couples Membership

Grouped membership for you and your workout partner

Yes there are perks to your permanent workout buddy - you get volume discounts! We have a couples membership package for the unlimited membership, so you can get fit together.

Monthly Investment:



Individualized Programming

Customized Program+24/7 Gym access

Work 1on1 with a coach to customize a program to your need, while also getting access to the gym 24/7.

Monthly Investment:



Remote Coaching

Customized program in the comfort of your own space

You don't have to live in the area to continue your training with our coaches. This allows you to have a customized program and 1on1 coach from the comfort of your own space (near and far).

Monthly Investment:



Two Week Pass

Short term gym access for those traveling through the area

Designed for those passing through the area and want to make our gym their temporary home. Also a great option for a veteran OA members who may have left the state and are coming back to visit us.

One Time Investment:




1on1 walk through of the basics before starting

Our coaches offer a 1on1 walk through of the basic movements for crossfit, power lifting, and terminology used in our classes and workouts. This is beneficial to understand proper form and start your fitness journey if you are new to the gym, crossfit, or power lifting.

One Month Investment: