Andrea has 8 years of experience coaching CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. Before finding CrossFit she competed in high school, college, and Masters swimming. She also coached high school and youth swimming. It was through coaching swimming that she was first introduced to CrossFit. One of her fellow coaches suggested using CrossFit for strength and conditioning for their swimmers. Seeing the results that they were having, she tried it out for herself and was hooked right away.


Andrea has a passion for coaching athletes of all levels, from the athlete that is brand new to fitness, to the competitive athlete. Her eye for technique allows her to help even the most seasoned veteran become more efficient. She also likes to bring some fun to the class atmosphere with her smile, dancing, and her knowledgeable but no-nonsense coaching style.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach

CrossFit Powerlifting

2020 & 2016 American Open Finals Qualifier

2016 & 2017 West Regionals Team Athlete

2020 AO1 Masters Champion 35-39 71k



Amanda is a CFLV1 Trainer and former USA Gymnastics Professional Member. After years of competitive training she discovered her desire to continue her passion for the sport as a coach. Her endeavors respectively led her to becoming the successful owner of Victory Gymnastics Academy after having collaboratively establishing Legacy Gymnastics with a former teammate.


During that time, she was introduced to CrossFit. Amanda continues to enjoy coaching foundational gymnastics movements to individuals of varying athletic abilities, having the knowledge to deconstruct into simplistic drills and provide scaling options makes complex skills attainable for every athlete. "I love the look on a person's face the first time they make a skill. That moment is completely rewarding."


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Former USA Gymnastics Professional Member

Jamie Rugby Pic.jpg

Jamie Douglas

Owner/Coach/Lifelong Athleteand Fitness Nerd

 Jamie is a CFLV1 Trainer, Special Forces Medic, Rugby player, Former United States Ski Association Ski Racer and general fitness and wellness aficionado. After years of competitive ski racing, high school football and high school/college Lacrosse at the University of Colorado at Boulder he joined the army and became a SF Medical Sergeant. During his time in training at Ft. Bragg, NC, he discovered what was then a brand new way to excel in fitness, Crossfit. It was also during this time that Jamie found "The Gentleman's Game" of Rugby, a passion he continues today both as a player and a youth coach with the Tacoma Nomads Rugby Football Club. 


Jamie firmly believes that fitness is the foundation to a stronger, better and more fulfilling life. He finds deep pleasure in helping people "level up," watching not only their physicality improve but also emotional and mental well-being as well. Having travelled to over 20 countries, he observes "I have met successful people that are not physically fit but I have yet to meet, on any continent, a physically fit person who isn't also successful outside the gym."   

When Jamie is not serving in the National Guard, playing rugby or heading to the wilderness he enjoys spending time with his wife Deanna. She is a fellow veteran, fitness enthusiast and their son Brody; who can usually be found climbing to some precarious height in the gym, requiring his parents to engage in hostage negotiation techniques to get him back down.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Basic Life Support Certified

Special Operations Combatives Lvl 1



Dylan has been a multi-sport athlete his entire life, to include being an All American lacrosse player in high school and getting recruited to Army Lacrosse at West Point. He graduated from USMA in 2015 with a degree in Electrical Engineering while also playing lacrosse and rugby, and expanding his athleticism to ultra-running.

Dylan has 3 years of coaching experience for CrossFit and weightlifting, as well as 2 years of athletic programming here at Oceanus. He has been an Army Engineer Officer for over 5 years where he has earned his Sapper Tab and coached Soldiers through Sapper Leader Course Training Programs. This lead to him developing a Tactical Athlete Leadership Course for the Maneuver Support Command. 

Dylan's passion for coaching and programming stems from a drive to compete. He continues competing on various lacrosse teams, to include semi-professional box lacrosse, CrossFit competitions and races. Dylan describes himself as a fairly relaxed guy who believes active instruction is the key to good coaching. Outside the gym Dylan is enjoying life with his family, usually climbing.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer