Nutrition. Where Should I Start?

When it comes to nutrition most people need a complete revamp of their diets. You see nutrition challenges at different gyms or online groups. Most people will see great results for that month that they are following the prescribed diet whether it be paleo, whole 30, etc. At the end of the challenge most people decide to treat themselves with a cheat meal and that turns into a cheat week which turns into a cheat month! All of the hard work that was put in and all of the pounds lost come back with a vengeance.

Having a good, healthy, balanced diet comes from habit and the conscious effort to take care of yourself. Switching from eating fast food once or twice a day, grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine to meal prepping your food everyday can be a huge shock for most people. Fast food and the vending machines are just that, fast and convenient. Meal prepping requires you to plan in advance, go to the store, cook and package all of your food. Don't forget the Tupperware and the lunch box! (Meal prep will be covered in a later article)

To truly be successful it takes small persistent steps. Most of us already know what could use some help, so start there. If you eat fast food twice a day reduce that to once a day and once you're doing good with that reduce that to once every other day, then once a week. Before you know it you won't remember the last time you had a drive-thru burger and fries!

Now you've decided to take charge of your health and go to the grocery and make some delicious home cooked meals but what do you buy? I have a few simple rules that I like to follow. 1. Stick to the outside of the grocery store, that's where most of the real food is located. 2. If it comes in a box, can or the freezer isle you probably don't want it with the exception of frozen produce and meats for convenience sake. 3. It's all in the seasoning. Eating bland chicken and broccoli gets old quick. Check out mock salt or flavor god to shake things up.

A little bit of google-fu can land you a plethora of websites with amazing recipes such as nom nom paleo and paleomg to name a couple.

This chart covers the guidelines for the paleo diet. By me using this chart I'm not saying that strict paleo is for everyone but a swing towards real whole foods for every meal is a step in the right direction! Everyone's bodies react differently to foods BUT by eliminating processed foods and sugars you'll be making your body a lot happier.


When in doubt, whip this chart out!

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