Inveniam Athletics Pro Tip: Work that Jerk

For most people the jerk is the most neglected exercise when it comes to the olympic lifts. Standing up a big clean or snatch just seems so much more enjoyable! However it is still part of the game and shouldn't be neglected.

Most of the time I see the split jerk being missed forward. It stems from a few different things that I will cover here.

The movement is initiated by unlocking the knees, giving a slight dip then driving through the heels back upwards. More often than not you will see the lifter dip down and their chest will lean forward. As the lifter drives up, the barbell is already headed out front because the lifter did not maintain an upright torso. A good trick to keep your chest up is to think of your back sliding down a wall and keeping your elbows up. Keeping your elbows high through the whole dip and drive will prevent the barbell from sliding down your chest and pulling you forward.

The second mistake that I see very often is the placement of the knee in relationship to the ankle of the front foot. Once you split your feet the weight should be distributed evenly between the two legs with a bend in the back leg. Get in your split position and look down at your front foot. Is your knee in front of your ankle? Is it just over top or behind your ankle? Place your knee just in front of your ankle and try to resist putting weight on your front leg. Now, put your knee just over your ankle or just slightly behind and try to resist weight on your front leg. You will notice a huge difference between the two positions with the latter being much more stable. To correct this problem think of reaching your front foot out further than it needs to go and more than likely you'll hit dead on!

Chest up, elbows to the sky and reach that front foot out there!

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