Our Household’s Success to Meal Prep

I often have people ask me about diet and meal plans. If you are looking for general health, it doesn’t take much. We like to follow these 5 tips:

1) Have a plan! It’s that simple. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. The weeks we don’t plan well, we feel it at the end of the week. Missed meals equals low calorie intake, and ultimately results in crappy eating, poor recovery and an unhappy stomach.

2) Don’t go to the grocery store hungry! But really, going to the grocery store hungry results in poor food choices. It’s an emotional choice when you are hungry rather than a well thought out plan – so don’t do it!

3) Stick to the outside of the store because that is where all the good stuff is -meat and vegetables. If you start navigating the inner aisles, beware, as you will come across processed foods. And going back to tip #1, as long as you have a list to follow, you will come out without those tempting treats that are GF but pack a ton of sugars or that almond butter + protein that really only has 10g of protein and 24g of sugar (I’m guilty!).

4) Get the grill out! After a successful grocery store trip, we have a grilling session. I season and prep the meat, and Marcus gets the grill going to prep for at least 3 days. If you have the option of grilling, it allows you to prep more at once, making your life easier. If you don't have a grill don't sweat it. Use a large pan in the oven to cook veggies and meat. The crock pot is your best friend especially for all the busy bees out there.

5) Eat the food you prep! Sounds crazy, I know, but don’t succumb to your co-worker’s cupcakes or go out to lunch every other day for a “working” lunch. By all means, go out, but there is nothing wrong with toting your lunch box with you.

So now you are asking what plan do I follow? I personally recommend the Whole30 diet, it’s challenging but well worth it. Also, following paleo bloggers like PaleOmg and NomNom Paleo give you a variety of recipes to choose from, and they have great cookbooks too! Ultimately, you need to decide what your “Why” is, whether it be better health or to hit certain macros to reach your competitive fitness goals. Make a plan, do some research, and hit the grocery store – your stomach will thank you!

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