20 Sep 16

A. 15-20 Freestanding handstand kick-up hold 10sec

B. 5 Sets Strict hspu x 5 + (-5" deficit) hspu x 5 rest as needed

C. E2M12M Push jerk x 1 + Split Jerk x 2 @70-75% (% of SJ)

D. E2M12M Power clean + Front squat + Split jerk @80-85% (c&J) if you feel good you can go a little over 85%

E. 5 sets Clean pull + hang clean pull (control the eccentric on both reps) @80-85%

F. 5-4-3-2-1 Strict Pull-up Strict Dip rest 2 min x2 (use weight if possible but you should be able to complete the entire workout with it)

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