Why should I compete?

Inveniam Athletics is hosting it’s first annual Live Free Series – a fitness competition dedicated to pay our respects to our fallen comrades in the way we know best… Fitness! This year, it will be held on November 12th, and will be a competition of mixed pair teams in both scaled and Rx Divisions. It is around the same time as our one year anniversary as a facility, so we would like to celebrate by inviting our community to participate – both newcomers and experienced. Here are FIVE reasons you SHOULD compete:

1) Find out how you perform under pressure

It’s one thing to have a little friendly competition with your buddy during class, but it is a completely different environment when you are up against strangers in front of an audience. It will give you an edge that can push your limits and help you discover both strengths and weaknesses. Maybe that 105 lb. snatch that you have been struggling with mentally will finally be broken with a new PR. Or stringing together pull-ups will finally click and you’ll be as smooth as a butterfly.

2) It gives you a reason to train

Of course, we all train for various reasons – special events, general health, beach bodies, etc. but having a specific event to train for forces you to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound). Whether it is the Games or a local competition, competitions allow you to focus your goals and organize yourself with an end state in mind. It’s extra motivation with the holiday season right around the corner!

3) Why Not?

Competing in pairs is an enjoyable experience that I believe brings the best out of everyone. It makes you accountable, both during preparation and the day of. It creates comradery that can only be created during moments of shared suffering. Those who sweat together, stay together right? Whether it is your BFF, swole mate, or significant other – it is a bonding experience that will motivate you that much more in the gym.

4) Community

In the fitness community, you can invite neighbors, co-workers, friends and family to come cheer you on and they will witness a side of you that they may have never seen. It will be an event that isn’t limited to crossfit fanatics, but can bring together others who are interested in your success. Show them that you aren’t just a desk jockey, but there is a whole other side to “Suzy from Accounting”. Give others some insight to what’s important to you – Fitness!

5) Pay respects by participating in a Hero WOD

Hint, hint… not that I’m disclosing what the workouts will be during the competition, but we will pay respect to our fallen comrades. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Green Beret Foundation. Here at Inveniam we all have close ties to the military, so we aim to honor service members and their families for all they have sacrificed.

Now, find that partner and get ready for the Live Free Series on November 12th.

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