10 Dec 16

Testing Week - Make sure you bring in all of your scores from this week so we can discuss them.

OPEX Winter Classic

RX Division Standards

Event 1 – At 00:00 on the running clock

12-minute AMRAP 11-9-7-5 Bar-facing burpees

Squat snatches (115/155/205/225lbs, 75/105/135/145lbs)

If you finish the entire ladder of 64-repetitions, spend the remaining time building to a 1RM squat snatch as your tie breaker (i.e - 64 + 265lbs); Otherwise, your score is the total repetitions completed in 12-minutes

Event 2 – At 15:00 on the running clock

12-minute AMRAP

2 rounds of ‘Nate’

5 Squat clean thrusters 155/105lbs

‘Nate’ is a Hero workout, and one round is: 2 ring muscle-ups 4 handstand push-ups (36x24 box allowance) 8 kettlebell swings 70/55lbs (elbows locked overhead, arms in-line with ear)

Event 3 – At 30:00 on the running clock

For time 111 Calorie Row

Start on the rower, then every minute on the minute thereafter you must perform ONE of the following penalty movements: 5 toes to bar OR 5 box jump overs 24/20” Athletes may stick to one penalty movement throughout the event, or they may alternate the two in any combination. Either way, it is recommended to have both a pull-up rig and appropriate height box near your rower before starting the event. You have to be able to do both. TTB is faster, but BJO is the life-raft that bails people out if/ when they can't sustain pace on TTB.

This event has a 12-minute time cap. If you do not finish under the time cap your score is total remaining repetitions added to 12-minutes (i.e. – 12:11 if you finished 100 calories).

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