3 Quick Tips to Improve Mental Toughness

The CrossFit Games season starts in 16 days! It's that time of year where single reps and seconds carry a lot of weight. Leading up to this point should have been plenty of strength training, work on imbalances, gymnastics accumulation, weightlifting technique work...the list goes on. With the season starting in 16 days how much fitter can you really get? Honestly, not very much. You will see some improvements on the shitty, shit shit work (technical term) but that's a topic for another time.

Right now is time is to really focus on your why and building mental toughness. Going into training each day should not be filled with complaints. Nervousness, yes, complaints, no. If you go into training each day with complaints, spend a little time by yourself and really nail down why you are training. You may find out that you don't really want to compete and that you want to be healthy and hang out with your friends at the gym. The latter is perfectly fine and you'll feel mentally rejuvenated because you won't be stressing about what you think is under performing or trying to catch your competition.

For those of you that are still here and want to compete your best tool is your mind. Eventually the sport will progress enough that most athletes strength numbers, skill levels and energy system capacities will be very close. The separator will be mental toughness. A quick way to start improving your mental game is being mindful. Go into each training session with a purpose and goals. Think about what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and why you are going to do it. Immediately after your training session record your notes and ask yourself two questions. What went well? What do I want to improve upon? This gives you a chance to really reflect upon what took place and you will soon begin to appreciate and enjoy the process a little bit more each day. Before you know it you will be completely "present" during all training. In an upcoming post we will discuss what it really means to be "present" during training.

Just remember 3 things: 1. Be mindful of training.

2. Go into each session with a purpose and goals.

2. Ask yourself, what went well and what do I want to improve upon?

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