Open Prep Camp Recap

Last Saturday we held our first Open Prep Camp in-house. We had a wide experience range participating in the camp. There were guys and gals that have been doing crossfit for 6 months up to regionals level and a few masters athletes.

Throughout the 6 hour camp we covered a lot of different topics but I'll try to hit some of the key points here.

1. Get warmed up! For most athletes this is the most overlooked piece of the pie. You shouldn't be getting 5-10 min into the workout and finally start to feel good. Spend 5-10 min or more just getting warm, like actually get warm, you should start getting a little sweaty. After that hit some mobility and dynamic stretches. If you have tight shoulders, hips, etc, make sure you focus on that. After mobility and dynamic stretching it's time to start focusing on the workout at hand. We used the example of OHS 115/75, bar facing burpees and muscle ups. Start going through each movement and see if you have any sticking points, are you holding your breath. Do you need a little bit more mobility? Then hit a few rounds to feel it out. Round 1 use just the bar, Round 2 add a little weight, Round 3 add a little weight. Do this until you feel comfortable and you have your game plan. Some may be thinking that you won't have reps left for the workout by the time you are done. If you are thinking this then you need more muscular endurance, contact a coach that can help you. Now that every movement feels good...3, 2, 1, GO!

2. Barbell Cycling...It isn't olympic weightlifting. Have 3 different options for each movement. Fast, Visible and Clearly Visible. Keep the bar close at all times and brace to match your effort. If you are cycling a 75# bar for power snatch and your 1rm is 225 your brace should match. Find a pattern that works for each movement and BREATH! As hard as you might try you can't continue to work without oxygen for long.

3. Your job as the athlete is to meet your JUDGES standard. Each judge will have a slightly different standard for each movement and it's your job to know it and meet it. Make sure to do a few reps of each movement for your judge to make sure you meet their standard. Point out anything of relevance. I'm talking to you guys with monster quads, make sure your judge can see your hip and know what it looks like when you squat below parallel.

4. Stick to your plan and run YOUR motor. We each have different strengths and weaknesses. We need to know what those are and really use what you have. You don't win a 20 min workout in the first round so pace appropriately. You may feel like you are going out to slow but 10 min in when you still have juice and your competition is slowing down you'll be glad you did. With that said pacing takes time to learn. That's why you spend all year doing intervals so you know what different workouts and efforts feel like. If this doesn't make sense just take a moment to think of how Chris Spealler would attack a workout compared to Jason Khalipa. Just do you!!

5. Have fun! Fitness is supposed to be fun. Enjoy the time with your friends, crack a few jokes, talk a little shit and give 100% effort.

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