27 Mar 17

Today is your last chance. Give it everything you have! The rest of this week will be either off or you will have some easy work to do. It's time to let your mind and body recover before the next phase of training that starts next week. Only 47 more weeks to get fitter. Awesome job this Open!

A. 15 Min Aerobic warm-up ...get nice and warm

B. Shoulder and hip openers C. AMRAP4 10 AKBS 53/35 15 Air Squat 10 Push-up

D. Work up to a snappy Thruster double...quickly

E. 5 Thrusters 10 DU 5 Burpees rest 2 min x 4-6 Then hit 17.5! This is your last attempt, 100% effort.

If you are not redoing 17.5

A. Muscle Snatch 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

focus on speed and turnover

B1. Strict Chest to Bar Pull-up 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 B2. Top of Ring Hold 5 x 30 sec

C1. Banded Overhead Walk 5 x 100' C2. Bear Hug D-ball Carry 5 x 100' 150/100 D. 20 min max cal AB

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