Member Highlight: Stacy Dixon

Find A Way These two pictures are a year apart. I joined Inveniam with some pretty basic goals in mind: lose the baby weight, and get skinny. I had no idea what crossfit even was, I just wanted to lose weight. Quiet honestly I was disappointed at first that I wasn't losing weight as quickly as I wanted when I started this journey. Marcus just kept pushing me, and saying the same thing “TRUST THE PROCESS.” I took that advice to heart and kept pushing, kept trusting, kept working, and kept

Finding A Way! A year later I have totally different goals. Words like skinny have been replaced with words like strong and healthy. My new goals are things like heavier squats and deadlifts, and one day I'll be able to do an RXd box jump!

It has been a long year, a year of learning not only about crossfit, but about myself! I had to learn the basics, but more importantly the mental aspect of all of it! I had to learn how to eat better, to not worry about the scale, and not to compare myself to others. I am setting goals, and reaching them one by one thanks to amazing coaching, and some of the most supportive people I've ever met! I love being a part of the Inveniam Family!

Thank you to all of you, thank you for accepting me, thank you for helping me with Jaxon when he's been at the box, thank you for cheering me on, and thank you for being my friends, I am truly honored to know all of you! It's been an amazing year, can't wait to see what the next year brings! #iaminveniam

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