Number 1 Tip For Weight Loss AND Building Muscle

There are thousands of different diets, opinions, peer reviewed articles, systems and mathematical equations out there in regards to weight loss and building muscle.

One system works for one person and shows no results for another. So what do I follow or where do I begin the journey towards reaching my goals?

We will dive into different diets in another article. BUT the Number 1 thing you can do starting today is tracking your food or food logging.

With technology food logging is easier than ever. Our favorite app to use is MyFitnessPal. Using this app you can quickly scan bar codes, search for foods or quickly build recipes and designate portion sizes. Add a food scale in there and you'll have precision in seconds.

You can still do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper. BUT it'll take a little more time to find the macro and micro-nutrients if you are eating more whole food than unprocessed foods.

Why food logging?

Food logging creates awareness and compliance. Maybe you think you only eat out once or twice a week but once you track your food you realize that every lunch during the week is fast food and you might of had more "snacks" than you originally thought.

Why is this important?

If you are trying to lose weight there needs to be a slight calorie deficit each day. If you are trying to gain weight there needs to be a slight calorie surplus each day. With tracking you'll be able to see if you are eating too much or too little.

Tracking will allow you to see the truth of your nutrition and see trends in your eating habits. You might notice that Monday through Friday afternoon you are on point then Friday night, Saturday and Sunday are a wash.

Do yourself a favor and start food logging TODAY! Find an app that you like or grab a notepad and create awareness.

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