Thursday: 17 August 17

Warm up

10 Ring Rows

5 burpees

10 Air Squats

x 3 Press Warm Up Start with Barbell, then add weight each round. Stay Light. 5 Split Stance Strict Press Tempo: 2222 5 Split Stance Push Press with 3 Second Pause at the top 5 Split Jerk with 3 second pause in the catch position 2 Rounds

Olympic Lifting -

A. Push Jerk: Build to a 1RM

B. Dumbbell Bench Press

6 x 2 @Build to a heavy 2 Rep Tempo 32x1


Max Strict Pull Ups

Rest 1:00

Max Chest to Bars

Rest 1:00

Max Pull Ups


5000 M Row For time

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