Sunday Rest Day

Rest Day, Focus on recovery and preparation for the week.

Here are some thing to thing about to improve how your body absorbs the food you consume. These small steps can make huge differences.

Chewing your food for 20 to 30 chews for each bit.

  • Chewing your food into smaller chunks is going to infuse saliva, which will help with digestion.

Have you ever thought about the state you’re in when you are consuming nutrition?

Parasympathetic (rest and digest) and Sympathetic Nervous system (fight or flight)

Being in a Sympathetic state, your body is in fight or flight, meaning that it will want to focus on handling stress and not focus on proper digestion.

  • In a sympathetic State, your saliva glands will be suppressed, your stomach suppress hydrochloric acid and your small intestines won’t receives the signals that they need to continue the digestion process.

Stress will put you in a sympathetic state, so while you are eating try to not have emotional conversation, wait about 60 – 90 Minutes after intense workouts to eat, and think about what you need to do to place your body in a parasympathetic state before you consume a meal.

For athlete looking to compete in the open, we are in preseason so, we are going to make a switch from higher fats to higher carbs to support the anaerobic system in recovery from high-intensity workouts.

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