Sunday Rest Day

Rest Day, Focus on recovery and preparation for the week.

The need to create habits is important for longevity and overall health. Going to the gym is one healthy habit but it is only for an hour of your day. With the other 23 hours we want to work on improving all aspects of our lives one habit at a time. I think sleep is the most important of them all and I think continuously working on getting longer and better sleep is the goal. Working shift work for many years has led me down a path to learn more about how to improve sleep and ways discover ways sleep longer when I can.

Ways to Improve Sleep-

Fix your sleeping environment

Black out your room from all lights.

Keeping the temperature about 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Create an Environment that allows your bedroom to be for sleeping only.

- Sleep Hygiene

1. Do not take a nap longer than 30 min.

2. Make sure you do not eat within 1 hour of sleep, if your body is digesting food then it will make it more difficult to fall asleep and if you have a cortisol spike you will wake up in the middle of the night full of energy.

3. Try to go to sleep at the same time every night.

4. Limit cell phone use to 30 minutes before bed and place your cell phone in a hard to reach place so if you do wake up, you don't check Instagram then try to go back to sleep.

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