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I wanted to share with you all how I started in fitness, a passion that would ultimately lead me to the Army, Special Forces and eventually small business ownership. I realize that many people come into a CrossFit gym and see people dripping in sweat, grunting like animals rutting and doing weird looking movements and probably get intimidated. Funny thing is, me, Andrea and Deanna all started from very humble beginnings on our fitness journeys. I will not speak to theirs, but I will share mine with you today. My hope that it will inspire some of you to reach that next level or convince your friend who is on the fence to come give us a shot.

Growing up, I was always the “husky” kid in class, I was of average athleticism, received many “participation trophies” but was generally not challenged to train and be better than I was the day prior. This average approach led to me being the “husky” kid in high school, and in an early form of the current Body Acceptance Movement, I thought I was great just the way I was because my mommy told me so. That was until the day that a dude who we will call Mike decided that I was a prime target for some good ol’ high school bullying. Long story short, I got my ass whooped in front of a bunch of people. I was weaker than Mike, it was a no contest. I picked my humiliated ass up, began walking to the school nurses to get stitches in my nose and began coming up with a story. No way was I going to be a wimp AND a rat.

About a week later I was walking by the school gym and saw a dude bench pressing. My synapses fired; a bench press looked a lot like a punch being thrown. AHA! If I did some bench press, I could beat up Mike! I bought an old school body building magazine and started going to the gym. I remember doing my first bench press, 3x10 at 135, trembling arms and all. I read the ONE body building magazine I had backwards and forwards, mimicking the workouts and tips that were published inside. I started to get stronger, to see muscle definition, I got better at sports and occasionally even got a look from *GASP* a GIRL! (not that I knew what to do with it other than get sweaty palms and say awkward shit.)

Mike ended up getting kicked out of school for something, but the wheels were in motion for a lifelong journey. Have I worked out consistently with drive and focus my whole life? Hell no, I went to University of Colorado which was ranked number one party school my junior year. I’d like to say I had something to do with that prestigious award by none other than Playboy Magazine.

The point is, its not where you started, its where you set your sights on finishing. Our coaches are your guides along your journey. In our private coaches’ chat we get genuinely excited about some of ya’lls progress and commitment. Angel, looking at you!

We at OA are a community. Haven’t seen a fellow member at your usual class? Reach out to them, see what’s up, you very well be that person’s motivation, their drive, their Mike.

As always, remember our motto:



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